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Cameron B
Innocent and enthusiastic but with an adult-like attitude!
Age range: 9 to 15

Haylie Fehl
Daddy's little girl is growing up with a nice bit of attitude!
Age range: 12 to 15

Kennedy Porter
Enthusiastic...full of excitement.
Age range: 7 to 12

Noelle Munoz
Delightful and raspy voice that warms the soul.
Age range: 13 to 18

Addison Porter
Friendly and persuasive. She could be the next spokesperson of her generation.
Age range: 8 to 13

Olivia Oliver
Raspy, rascally, and remarkably resolute.
Age range: 15 to 19

Sweet and precocious.
Age range: 5 to 7

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 artists

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