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Amy Fernandez
Strong voice with range to handle everything from edgy, to warm & intimate.
Age range: 28 to 42

Rosi Amador
Warm, mature and a bit playful.
Age range: 31 to 45

Youthful and enthusiastic with a conversational delivery.
Age range: 18 to 25

From energetic to dramatic, she'll bring versatility to your Spanish productions.
Age range: 25 to 40

A seasoned veteran of Spanish voice-overs.
Age range: 31 to 50

A likable, conversational tone; Friendly and persuasive.
Age range: 28 to 40

CC Limardo
A versatile Spanish voice; Bright, energetic, and fun.
Age range: 22 to 40

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 artists

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