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Vince Bailey
From warm and sultry to booming and high-energy. Add to that a great Jamaican guy!
Age range: 30 to 55

Barrie Buckner
From cool to cocky... he's ready to roll!
Age range: 18 to 28

Great range from cool and hip to urban gentlemen.
Age range: 30 to 40

Rhomeyn Johnson
Guy-next-door... big full-voice guy next door! Warm, deep and sexy.
Age range: 35 to 55

Thomas Clark
Versatile stylings with a range from college student to hip hop artist.
Age range: 22 to 30

Quinn Dalton
Conversational or hard sell; great range!
Age range: 31 to 45

Great urban stylings and intensities.
Age range: 31 to 40

Llou Johnson
Ultra-deep, mellow, urban delivery. Can't get enough of this voice, baby!
Age range: 45 to 60

A polished, smooth delivery compliments this resonant voice perfectly.
Age range: 35 to 55

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 artists

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